Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to the Editor of The Listener

Letter No.: 
[20 March, 1935]

Morley College
61 Westminster Bridge Road, S.E.1

It is proposed to raise a fund for the purpose of establishing a memorial to Gustav Holst.  It seems particularly fitting that this memorial should take the form of helping to develop the study of music in Morley College for Working Men and Women, where at present adequate equipment is difficult to obtain.  It was at Morley College that Holst taught and inspired successive generations of students for so many years.  The establishment is therefore suggested of a music room to be called the Gustav Holst Music Room, as part of the new wing about to be erected there.  The room will be equipped with a grand pianoforte, appropriate sound-proof devices, etc.  Should the sum collected permit, additional rooms could be added for a music library and teaching room.
A committee for this purpose, of which I am Chairman, has been formed at Morley College.  We feel that such a memorial as this will be one of which Mr. Holst himself would have approved, and which will in some measure help to carry on his work.  The proposal has the support of the following: Sir Hugh Allen, Dr. Adrian Boult, the Bishop of Chichester, Dr. Davison (of Harvard, U.S.A.), Mr. Gerald Forty, Miss Gray (late High Mistress of St. Paul's Girls' School), Mrs. Eva M. Hubback (Principal, Morley College),  Dr. Mackail, Mr. John Maesfield, Dr. W. Gillies Whittaker.
Though naturally we should be grateful for large donations, yet since we want everyone who loved and admired Holst and his work to participate, the smallest sum will be welcome.  Subscriptions should be sent to the Hon. Treasurer Mr. D. Marblacy Jones, Barclays Bank, 84 Rosebery Avenue, E.C.1, or may be given personally to the Secretary of Morley College.  Cheques should be made payable to the Gustav Holst Memorial Fund.  Any further information may be obtained from either of the Hon. Secretaries, Mrs. F.C. Vokes and Mrs. O. Western, at Morley College.

General notes: 

Printed in The Listener magazine, 20 March, 1935, headed "Holst Memorial Fund".

The Listener (vol.XIII, no.323), 20 March, 1935, p.504.