Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Sir Alexander Kaye Butterworth

Letter No.: 

13 Cheyne Walk S.W.3

Dear Sir Alexander
Have patience with us - I will really try to bring Allen1 + book on Wednesday - I don't like the idea of the Elwes fund2 myself - & have some ideas on the subject.
I had not seen about R.L.W.'s appointment3 - I am v. glad.
Yours sincerely
R Vaughan Williams

1. Hugh Allen, director of the Royal College of Music.
2. Gervase Elwes had been killed in a train accident. The 'Gervase Elwes Memorial Fund for Musicians' was later renamed the Musicians Benevolent Fund.
3. Ralph Lewis Wedgwood, VW's cousin. The nature of the appointment is not clear; possibly the post of Chief Officer of the London and North East Railway, which was formed in 1921 with the Railways Act, although it did not come into force until 1923.

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