Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Cuthbert Bates

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[10 May 1939]

Randolph Hotel

My Dear Bates
(we needn't be formal need we?)
I'm so sorry you've been worrying - but I really don't know what about - I should naturally love to do something for our society1 to sing and I was much touched & pleased at your asking - I didn't say "yes" at once - because I never make rash promises & I want naturally, whenever the Tudors do sing anything of mine, that it should be my best. Was I bad mannered over it - I do hope not - but your letter gives me the fear that I was - if so forgive me

Very confidential

I am not happy about your leading soprano - she is an excellent solo singer - but seems to me not to have that steady organ-like quality of a good choralist
R Vaughan Williams

1. i.e. the Tudor Singers, of which VW was President.

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