Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Cuthbert Bates

Letter No.: 
Feb 22 [1946?]

The White Gates

Dear Bates

I fear I have shot my bolt too soon as regards hymn tunes - so please apologise to your sister & explain
- As regards a Bach Cantata - What  type of Cantata do you want

Big & Rumbustious
O light everlasting
Praise our God

or Instructive?
God's time is the best
Bide with us

or straightforward
Hold in remembrance
The sages of Sheba1

I am so glad to hear of your activities
R Vaughan Williams

1. The six Bach cantatas listed as, respectively, BWV34, BWV11, BWV106, BWV6, BWV67 and BWV65. 


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Music Deposit 2018/21
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Date estimated; after 1939 (when VW drops the "Mr" before Bates) and presumably before Bates started the Bach Choir in Bath in 1946.