Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Frederick Rennie Emerson

Letter No.: 

Dear Mr. Emerson

Thank you for your kind and appreciative letter. You have indeed some beautiful folk songs in your country and we all owe a great debt of gratitude to Maud Karpeles for recovering them.
If my and my colleagues accompaniments can help to make them better known we shall be amply rewarded.1
I fear that it is not likely that fate will ever lead me to Newfoundland, but it would be a great pleasure if so ever it did come.


1. The two-volume set of Folk-songs from Newfoundland, edited by Maud Karpeles, included arrangements by VW, Hubert J. Foss, Clive Carey, and Michael Mullinar. It was was published by Oxford University Press in 1934 and dedicated to Emerson and his wife, Isabel.


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Extract quoted in Glenn Colton, "Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Newfoundland Folksong Arrangements: A Reappraisal", in The Phenomenon of Singing, Vol. 7 (2009), 30-43, p.35.