Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ann Boult

Letter No.: 
Friday [7 October 1949]

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Ann
A. It was a lovely wedding1 for
(1) The Bride looked beautiful
(2) The ex-Bride ditto
(3) The choir sang charmingly (much better than a certain well known body of singers we wot of)
(4) I liked the hotel very much though not the church.2
(5) I met several old friends (Hilda, Grace etc.)3
(6) The old gentleman who tried to steal my top-hat afterwards warmed my heart by singing Down Ampney at the top of his voice and cracking each time on the high note.
(7) Hall's trumpet thrilled me4
(8) I caught a glimpse of you & Adrian, which was worth going miles for

1. VW had been at the wedding of Frances Wilson (Ann Boult’s daughter and Adrian Boult's step-daughter) to the architect Michael Powers, which had taken place on Saturday, 1 October 1949. The letter has been kept in a plain envelope annotated by Frances 'Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams about the wedding – October 1st 1949, Michael Powers & Frances Wilson'.  
2. St Michael's, Chester Square, London
3. Hilda Gammon, organiser of the Petersfield Festival, and the composer Grace Williams.
4. Ernest Hall (principal, BBC Symphony Orchestra), who played the Trumpet Voluntary as the bride and groom's exit music.

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