Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to John Mead

Letter No.: 
24th October, 1951.

When there is so much music to choose from it is difficult to say what is one's favourite piece. But let me put it this way: If there was only one piece of music in the world and the rest was to be destroyed which would you choose to save? My answer would be the "Cum Sancto" from Bach's Mass in B Minor.

R Vaughan Williams

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General notes: 

This letter was sent to John Mead, who worked for the British Forces Network providing entertainment for the British troops on the Rhine. Mead had written to many famous people asking them to name their favourite piece of music for the 'Celebrities Choice' programme. See further in Simon Coombs, "Cum Sancto Spiritu", in RVW Society Journal, no.80, February 2021, p.16, where an image of the letter is reproduced.