Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Arnold Goldsbrough

Letter No.: 
Sunday [?April 1935]

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Arnold

I am sending you tomorrow a parcel of music. I should be very glad if you could find time to look at it before the meeting1 on Thursday. They are all for Div 2 therefore must be really easy both technically and constitutionally - also attractive.
(1) Jackdaw of Rheims2 - This has been recommended but I don't much like the look of it myself - also I think it is too hard.
(2) Master Mariners3 - I like the tunes but the harmonies seem to me - to my mind -  all wrong (I believe they are supposed to be like the kind of chords I use) and this kind of thing, as you know, upsets the Div 2 class of choir very much (e.g. Howells).
(3) King Estmere4 (in green volume). I didn't use to like this, but now I think I do and I think it would attract the choirs & seems to me not harder than - say- Hiawatha.
My love to Jo


1.  Presumably of the committee of the Leith Hill Musical Festival.
2.  By Craig Sellar Lang, 1929.
3.  By Thomas Wood, 1927.
4.  By Gustav Holst, op.17, H.70.

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