Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Vally Lasker

Letter No.: 
[Earlier part of] 1935

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Vally

As regards your list - if you want those that are interesting historiccally1 (from a point of view of his development) they might all be included - but from the purely musical point of view I shd leave out, Youths Choice, Phantastes, 2 short songs, Clear & Cool.2
You do not put The Mystic Trumpet on your list - one of his finest early works.3
I do not know
Lansdowne Castle
4tet of Folk Songs
Winter Idyll4



1.  sic.
2.  Vally Lasker was perhaps sorting out Holst’s manuscripts, which were kept immediately after his death at St Paul’s Girls’ School, and drawing up a list of works for possible publication: The Youth’s Choice: A Musical Idyll in one act, op.11/H60, was written in 1902; Phantastes: Suite in F  for orchestra, H108, as written in 1911; ‘2 short songs’ perhaps refers to [Three] short part-songs, H13, written in 1896; Clear and cool: The song of the river, H30, for chorus and orchestra was written in 1897.
3.  The mystic trumpeter, op.18/H71, for soprano and orchestra was written in 1904.
4.  Lansdowne Castle or the sorcerer of Tewkesbury, H App.I 21, an operetta in two acts, was written in 1892; Phantasy quartet on British folk songs, H 135; A winter idyll, H31, for orchestra was written in 1897.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/9, f.9-10
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The year is noted in the recipient’s hand. The writing paper is that in use before April 1935.

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