Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to John Blackwood McEwen

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[29th July l926]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Mr McEwen

It was a great pleasure to me to receive the copy of the Brahms Clarinet Sonatas from your father’s library.1 Up to the present I have not been able to connect his gift with any particular conversation or other circumstance - but we used to talk about so much music when we met that I think we may have discussed this work.2
I am always very sorry that I was not able to send your father a copy of my ‘Shepherds of the delectable Mountains’.  About two years ago he most generously offered to defray the expense of publishing it.  At the time I did not feel that I ought to accept his very kind offer but the indirect result was that I overcame my inertia and offered ‘The Shepherds’ to a publisher who to my surprise immediately accepted it.  The copies have only lately appeared - I wish I could have sent him one.
Yours sincerely

R. Vaughan Williams

1. John McEwen's father was Robert F. McEwen.
2. In a covering note sent in 1959 (see VWL477) with copies of 5 letters, the recipient (at that time Sir John McEwen of Marchmont  Bart.) said that his father ‘had left the work referred to to R.V.W. & I had given it to him’.  The others letters are VWL581, VWL578 and VWL579.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/7, ff.22-23
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Date from postmark.  In the hand of AVW signed by VW.

Cobbe 157
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