Letter from Evangeline Farrer and the Conductors of the LHMF choirs to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
May Day 1929

Abinger Hall

Dear Ralph

A wise friend once said that the most important thing in life to learn was that ‘things are not what they seem’.
This cheque therefore is not a cheque it is - “Job” full score and parts2
And it is not from the President & Conductor of Div I as might appear - but it is from the whole LHMC.
I am not the pen of a ready writer but the mouthpiece (& a stumbling one) of everyone - all your friends & devoted followers asking you to take this little offering with their thanks & faithful affection.  Will you?3


             To the Conductor
             from the L.H.M.C.
       A token by which to remember
the performance of “Job”, April 10th, l929.                    

            Evangeline President1


Graham S Aider                                Conductor of Banstead

Sylvia L.N. Drew                                                    Blackheath

W.M. Bazalgette                                                    Bookham

Cyril H. Knight                                                      Brockham

J.M. Martin                                                            Fetcham

Margery Cullen                                                      Mickleham

Geoffrey Verney                                                    North Holmwood

Marion Barlow                                                       Shere  Choirs

who took part in the performance


1. President of Leith Hill Musical Festival.
2. i.e. The money was to be used for having performing material for Job copied.
3. See R.V.W.: a biography, p.178. Parry’s Job had been done by Division I at the Leith Hill Musical Festival.
4. Evangeline Farrer, President of the Festival.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/7, ff.94-95
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