Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

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[4th July 1935]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Gerald
I thought the “New Years Music”1  was beautiful - It just gave me the true Hardy spirit (this will very likely make you furious - but I can’t help it) - just the sort of melody I have wanted to do all my life & have never brought off.
The orchestration seemed beautifully clear - especially when the trombones come in.
Perhaps it wants tightening up a little towards the end - just where it dies down to its softest after the climax it seemed to hang fire a little - but that may have been the fault of the radio. They seemed to play it well - though not quite rhythmically enough - we must hear it again soon.
My love to Joyce. I hear that you heard a performance of “Lot”2


1. New Year Music (Nocturne), op.7, composed in 1926.
2.  A spoof cantata on words from the Bible by Cedric Thorpe Davie and Jon Henderson, performed in a Hampstead studio (information from Howard Fergsuon).


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Finzi Box 10
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Date from postmark, provided the correct envelope was attached to the letter.

Cobbe 265
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