Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Hubert Foss

Letter No.: 
[?late 1929]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Foss

I return the German ‘Benedicite’ - all v. good except 3 places where he has been too conscientious in keeping my slurs & substituted “Loben Gott’ for “Loben dem Herrn’ - this seems a pity, so I have put it back.1
The places are
p.2.  score 2. sop solo
p.32.  score 2. b.1 sop solo
       "            "  b.2 chorus (this involves [cr qu qu] for [cr cr])
p.47.  score 2  sop. solo
pp 33 & 47 should it not be ‘en’ - not ‘et’

I’ve just had W.G.W. Psalm - will write soon2
P.S. also with regard to Greaves’ letter re Concerto Accademico - I keep no record [of] these things - I think it is a G. Cooper concert - cannot remember who conducted.3

So sorry I’ve only just discovered that this was never posted!

1.  Benedicite. For Soprano Solo, Chorus and Orchestra,  a setting of words from "The Song of the three Holy Children" and a poem by J. Austin, etc.  The vocal score was published by Oxford University Press in 1929.
2.  William Gillies Whittaker,  Psalm cxxxix. Version by R. Bridges  ... For unaccompanied mixed Choir and Semi-chorus. London: Oxford University Press, 1925.  A German version was published in 1927.
3.  The Concerto Accademico, later renamed Violin Concerto in D minor, Catalogue of Works 1925/7, was first performed at the Aeolian Hall in a Gerald Cooper concert on 6 November 1925 by Jelly d’Aranyi.

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File 883
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Written after the VWs move to the White Gates on 6 October.

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