Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Florence Maitland

Letter No.: 
[?July 1907]

13 Cheyne Walk

My Dear Florence
I am sending you a copy of my thing which is to be done at Leeds.1 I have put your initials over it - I was finishing it at Los Frailes2 - I didn't ask you leave. So I hope you won't mind. I hope you will like the words.  I also want to give you the manuscript of it if I may - but it has not come back yet so I must wait a few days.
I was glad to hear you had a good first day at the new house.

1. Toward the Unknown Region, which received its first performance at the Leeds Festival on October 10th 1907.
2. In Las Palmas, where VW had travelled in January 1907 to accompany Florence and her children home after the death of her husband Frederic.



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MS Mus. 1714/3/1, ff.126-127