Letter from Gwen Raverat to Ralph Vaughan Williams

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August 2nd [1931]

Copy of part of my letter to R.V.W. 

My scene wd be like this: Job and Mrs J sitting comfortably under their house. Enter messengers separately, at intervals, each with a solo dance (which would use more of the music) after each one Job becomes more distressed; he finally lies groaning on the ground.
Enter Satan who does a cursing dance, & (if you like) the symbolic figures come in & curse too (but personally I don’t care about them). Satan goes away, leaving Job in complete despair.
Enter comforters, & from then on all is the same:
I realise that this wd mean altering the order of your music - My chief concern is lucidity: I think a ballet ought to be clear to the audience without explaining just as any dumb show ought to be.
But do you & Ninette settle it all between you, & I will do any new dresses which are necessary.
If the Old Vic cd provide the extra actors, I suppose the procession wd be practicable; but I do think it ought to come after the messengers not before.

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