Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Elizabeth Trevelyan

Letter No.: 
Dec 28 [1937]

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Bessy

I have spent my Xmas holidays doing this - I’ve wanted to do it for a long time.1
It is very difficult & of course, to fit the notes, only a very free adaptation is possible. I have not tried rhyme  - also “Amen” seems impossible in English.
I am open to suggestions as to improvement - perhaps Bob would cast an expert eye over it.
I have had to substitute ♩for ♪♪ and  for ♪ in one or two places - also I have ventured to alter the notation in 3 places
(1) I think 6/8 should be 3/4

(2)  should be

(3) ♩͡  ♪  is easier to sing than ♩ .

If & when you think it possible will you send it to J. Röntgen - perhaps his publishers would care to issue it for the English public - if not we cd try an English publisher if the Dutch publisher would give leave.2


1.Probably the making an English adaptation of Bet Meeszenestje - Tom Tit’s Nest, by Johannes Röntgen, published by Oxford University Press in 1938.
2. Johannes Röntgen was a relation of Elizabeth Trevelyan.

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RCT 16.196

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MS Mus 1714/2/6, ff. 130-131
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