Allen, Hugh Percy, 1869-1946

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VWL1641 Memorandum from Norman Peterkin to Sir Humphrey Milford

Sir Humphrey S. Milford1
                                                                  VAUGHAN WILLIAMS


VWL1659 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Norman Peterkin

Dear Mr Peterkin

The history of the “Hymn for Airmen” is as follows - Lord Lytton, through Sir Hugh Allen, asked me to make a setting of...

VWL1698 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Fritz Hart

My dear Fritz

I am one behind in my letters.
We keep well - and at my advanced years I try to do one or two little things to help the...

VWL3948 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to George Frederick McCleary

Dear McCleary

I return your typescript. There are one or two doubtful points:

(1). I cannot believe that I ever said I did not like...



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