Berg, Alban, 1885-1935

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VWL3348 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Michael Kennedy

My dear Michael,

I am dictating this from my bed.  I am perfectly well, but the doctor says I must not put my foot down till I am cured of...

VWL1882 Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Ann Boult

Dearest Ann

Your poor precious arches - R says “It’s that bicycle” - it is that perhaps, but added to so much more.
The sewing machine...

VWL4308 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Alan Frank

Dear Frank
Can you or Phyllis1 suggest any pieces of the wrong note school (I mean the real thing - Schonberg, Berg, Lutyens,...

VWL1747 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Frederick Page

Dear Page,

I was very glad to get your letter.  I am so sorry you didn’t get that job.  You seem to be doing splendid work on your...

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