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VWL2877 Internal Oxford University Press memo re Vaughan Williams by Lyle Dowling

Internal memo by Lyle Dowling

Vaughan Williams Agenda

Saturday, 25 September. He arrives on the Parthia (with Mrs. Vaughan Williams...

VWL2187 Letter from A.L.P. Norrington to Norman Peterkin (OUP)

Oxford Music Festival

We have been having some preliminary discussions at Oxford about the possibility of a music festival next...

VWL2856 Letter from Adrian Boult to Alan Frank (OUP)

My dear Frank

What a gift! I was afraid the old rascal had destroyed it - as he is, I hear, threatening to do with most of his M.S.S...

VWL2775 Letter from Alan Frank (OUP) to Ralph Vaughan Williams


Dr. R. Vaughan Williams, O.M.,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Vaughan Williams,


VWL1415 Letter from Henry Wood to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Dear Mr Vaughan Williams

                                        PROMENADE CONCERTS 1940

I should like very much to include...

VWL2041 Letter from Jean Stewart to Alan Frank (OUP)

Dear Mr. Frank,

Two things I want to ask you: a) how is the printing of the Vaughan Williams quartet (mine) getting on?  Various quartets...

VWL2843 Letter from John Warrack to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Dr. R. Vaughan Williams, OM.,
10, Hanover Terrace,
Regents Park,
London, NW 1.

Dear Dr. Vaughan Williams,

Thank you...

VWL1585 Letter from Norman Peterkin (OUP) to Ralph Vaughan Williams

November 8th 1941

Dear Dr Vaughan Williams

I send you your originals and copies of the carols that have reached me this morning:-...

VWL1322 Letter from Percy Dearmer to Humphrey Milford

Dear Milford

Songs of Praise

Some time ago it was discovered that the musical arrangement of No. 262 would not do - in fact, Bullock...

VWL2889 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Alan Frank

Dear Frank,

Please send a full set of P.P. songs1 to Miss Balmforth, Walsingham House, the Cottage, Ely; with my compliments....



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