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VWL2464 Letter from John Ireland to Ralph Vaughan Williams

My dear V.W.,

While the rare pleasure of meeting you yesterday is fresh in my mind, I take the opportunity of congratulating you for your...

VWL2468 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Hubert Foss

Dear Hubert

In answer to your two letters:
1st. The Bridal Day: Stanford Robinson asked to see this some months ago and I sent it to...

VWL2472 Letter from Ernest Irving to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Dear R.V.W.

Arktos has defeated them, so why don’t you call it “The Brumas Concerto”, though then I suppose they would associate it with a...

VWL2859 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Mr Howgill (BBC)

Dear Mr Howgill,1

I feel much flattered by your kind invitation, but I think I must ask you to let me off; what with my coming...

VWL3231 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to James McKay Martin

Dear Martin,

I fear I am very bad on dates. The oboe concerto was written for Leon Goossens, and was to have been performed at the series...



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