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VWL4971 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to the Secretary of the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning

Dear Sir,
I venture to place before you the case of Dr. Sohn, 131 Bewick Road, Gateshead-on-Tyne.
Dr. Sohn is a Scientist and now has a...

VWL4046 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Emily Kreibich

Mrs. Kreibich
Burchett House
South Terrace

Dear Mrs Kreibich
I was much grieved to hear from Mrs. Turner of the...

VWL2166 Internal BBC memorandum to the Home News Editor from Sir Adrian Boult

Dr R. Vaughan Williams, D.M.

I happened to be asked to go down and give away the prizes at the revival of the Leith [Hill] Music Festival,...

VWL4043 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Joseph Kreibich

Dear Mr Kreibich
Thankyou all a thousand times for your beautiful present. It is very nice to think that I have so many friends at Burchett...

VWL1697 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to an unidentified correspondent

Dear Sir

I am serving on a committee (at the request of the Home Office) to make recommendations for the release of interned musicians “of...

VWL1692 Letter from Ferdinand Rauter to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Dear Dr. Vaughan Williams,

I want to thank you very much for your very kind letter. The problem with which you deal in it is very well...

VWL1624 Letter from R.O.Morris to Alice Sumsion

My dear Alice

 I ought to have written before to thank you for the cheese: but letters now take such an eternity in transit that a week or...

VWL4574 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Dr Schneeweiss

Dear Dr Schneeweiss
Thankyou - Mrs Schneeweiss and your daughter, all three for your kind congratulations - I am so glad to know that you...

VWL4573 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Miss Schneeweiss

The White Gates
Sept 28

Dear Miss Schneeweiss
I should have pleasure in writing in your favour if applied to by the...

VWL1450 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Robert Müller-Hartmann

Dear Mr Müller-Hartmann

(Forgive me for making you out an academic1)
I hear that you have written some delightful...



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