Letter from Honorine Williamson to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
Sunday [17 July 1938]

The White Gates,

Dear Uncle Ralph

I hear you are doing fine & having a nice peaceful time, also that the Bromo1 wasn’t necessary after all; we sent a packet rather than a roll in case you should leave a trail all over the downs!!!2
The pageant went quite well yesterday, the afternoon performance was the best I think & was really pretty full, the evening not very full & it was a bit varying, E.M. Forster got a call at the end & made an inaudible speech. I can’t find anyone who heard what he said. Afterwards there was a party for the players which turned into a Sprigge3 ramp for making money; one had to pay enormously for everything one ate also a man tryig to get everyone to have their postcards drawn for a shilling & I don’t know what else as I left after a mild flirtation with the Beatle who offered to take me round Milton Court Garden!!!!
That little bitch Naomi got off with the sweet young man, I’ll tear her eyes out when I see her.
Today we have had some tennis, Moll & Lizzie & Allen Horne all came to tea. We managed to lose most of the tennis balls between us but had some very good games.
Aunt Adeline went to the page[ant] on Thursday & Sat afternoon & I drove her round the other side near the band. She is very well and says she enjoyed it.
The cats are behaving like absolute churls & do nothing but catch small birds & frogs. I think we shall have to muzzle them.
Love from

P.S. I feel quite sad now that my stage life is over - it was great fun.

1.  Lavatory paper.
2.  See VWL1336.
3.  Sylvia Sprigge, a journalist.


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