Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Cecil Sharp

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[November 1906]

Dear Sharp

I think your motions are very good ones1 - but wish you [would] let me propose them - or a similar one in my own words?  The reason for this is that as I was on the Ctee which made the report I shd be blaming myself as well as others - on the other hand if you do it & it is carried it will amount to a vote of censure on Miss B.2  & she can do nothing but might have to resign - and the society3 is not yet strong enough to face that (even if we wanted it) - I shd think quite ¾ of the members wd resign with her.
Also I think there is room for more than one method - they are very much to blame for not seeing that your method is wanted as much as theirs - but are  you sure on your side that their method cannot run concurrently with yours.  This however does not prevent yr amendment to the report being very good & I shd like to see it added - but if it is coupled with a censure on some of the present officials there will be rows & resignations - I imagine - & we must be prepared to face these.
Send me a telegram if you will agree to my sending in the amendment - if you are sure that an amendment wants notice.4


1. See VWL147.
2. Lucy Broadwood, Secretary of the Folk Song Society.
3. The Folk Song Society.
4. On the whole question see VWL147 and footnote. For VW’s resulting letter to the Society see VWL149.

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MS Mus. 1713/1/3, ff.123-124
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