Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Joy Finzi

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Friday [14th April 1939]

Dear Joyce -

How kind of you both to send the cowslips. It is nice not to miss their scent this spring - and yours are the only ones I have seen. The Suffolk post did not treat them too badly & the violets & the one white one were quite fresh. It was noble of you to face posting a parcel on your holiday. I thought often of your poor cat & I am glad you made up your minds to help it out - but isn't it awful to have to do it - the after feeling.
Ralph had such an excellent letter from Robin M1 - more than just thank you.  I hope we may see them during the Fest:2  It’s difficult - in fact impossible - to know how alarmed one ought to be? I don’t like his shunning light - but if he eats & sleeps fairly well one needn’t be too worried?3
Love from us

I “had at” Bob4 for not writing to you in answer to yrs - he said “does one answer congratulations” & evidently felt he was doing the right thing in not writing! Eileen hasn’t an easy life before her but she is very understanding & will cope with difficulties.

1. Robin Milford.
2. The Dorking Festival which was about to take place.
3. Possibly an early sign of the mental health struggles which Milford suffered from in following years.
4. Robert de Ropp, a young relative of AVW who had lived with them and had recently been married. See VWL1522.


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Finzi Box 10
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Date from postmark. The first letter sent to the Finzis' new house, Church Farm at Ashmansworth, near Newbury.

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