Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Edward J. Dent

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[November 1908]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Dent

Please forgive my not answering your nice letter before.
I think the league1 is just what people make it - if good people join it will be a good thing - if only bad people - then its not worth considering.
The prospectus is only in the rough and has many faults - but these can be improved. As to your remarks on the cttee - Delius was one of the starters & was put on the ctee for that reason - many of the other names are only names (Wood2 for example - by the way I don't at all share your objections to him) - because unfortunately to attract people one has to put all the "official" people on - there are also one or two unknown real useful people such as Harry Evans who runs a big choral society at Liverpool and has made the Matthew Passion into a safe draw. Parry3 was approached - but unfortunately in the wrong way - one evening when he was in one of his bad tempers - and he was, I believe, very abusive - but wrote and apologized afterwards & wanted to join - & I hope will soon. I am very sorry his name is not on and I feel that we ought to try for it (By the way, this is private of course).
Thank you so much for your invitation - I shd so much like to come sometime.
Yours sincerely

R. Vaughan Williams

1. The Musical League, founded in 1909. VW had sent Dent a prospectus for it (see VWL221). See Kennedy, Works of Vaughan Williams, p.95. The main event during its short existence was a Festival at Liverpool in September 1909.
2. Charles Wood, university lecturer in harmony and counterpoint at Cambridge; he later succeeded Stanford as Professor of Music; his own successor was Dent.
3. Charles Hubert H. Parry

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