Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

Letter No.: 
June 20th [194-?]

The White Gates,

Dear Gerald,

Ursula is typing this for me so that you can read it.
I am at last sending what I beleive1 to be the complete Gurney poems. They will arrive at intervals in three parcels.  They are duplicate copies, Marion Scott has another set. I have not checked them, and occasionally the typist could not read the handwriting. Will you, at your leisure make a selection, in conjunction, I suppose with Marion Scott, and anyone else you like, and when a volume is ready we will approach OUP. or any other publisher you like, and see what they will do.
Ursula gave me your message about Purcell. I have string parts of Evening Hymn, in two keys, F & G. There is a set somewhere of string parts of the Morning Hymn. I did it years ago for McInnes2, and do not know where it is. Just possibly Steuart Wilson has a set. (3 Chepstow Villas W.11.) I have no string parts of the Expostulation.
My love to Joyce


Dear Gerald,
 I am having a lovely time, Love to you both.

1.  sic.
2.  Campbell McInnes, baritone.

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Finzi Box 10
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Typewritten, signed by VW. Postscript from Ursula Wood.

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