Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Norman Peterkin (OUP)

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Aug: 25 [1942]

The White Gates

Dear Peterkin

It has occured1 to me that the prelude to my “49th Parallel” music might make a good unison song. 
The metre being irregular, I got Harold Child to write some verses especially for the tune.  Here is the result, which I send you for inspection.2
I have arranged it in 4 ways:-
(1.)  Unison, with optional choral verse.
(2.)  2 part (S.A.), with accompaniment.
(3.)  S.A.T.B. unaccomp:
(4.)  T.T.B.B. unaccomp:

If you decide to issue it, I want it to be as cheap as possible, so that many people may sing it.  I think that the S.A.T.B. & T.T.B.B. versions could go on single sheets.
There is also the question of key. I originally wrote it in G. : but I have put the unison & 2 part version down to F.  I should like expert advice on this.
Yours sincerely,
R Vaughan Williams

R. Vaughan Williams.

1.  sic. i.e. "occurred". 
2.  VW had written to Child in May asking him to write suitable words to go with the tune. See VWL1662. See Catalogue of Works 1940/3/3.

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