Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Elizabeth Trevelyan

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August 1 [1944]

The White Gates

Dear Bessie

I shall certainly stipulate - if and when the National Trust accept Leith Hill Place1 - that the public shall have rights of access to the woods & some of the fields. Anyhow you & Bob and your friends must feel yourselves free to walk in the woods as you always have done.
The Kitchen Garden may go to keep up the estate - So it is up to me, and you as neighbours, to try and find a tenant who at the same time, is desirable and rich - Some form of community is possible, but I think I should prefer a private tenant as they are likely to be more human in their relations with the cottagers and workmen - and I want to keep up the great tradition in that respect set up by my Grandfather, my mother and Hervey himself.
The house will be let partly furnished - the valuable pictures, china and furniture will be gone, but there will remain a good lot of “utility” stuff with the house - or may be let out to a market gardener which I think could be the best as it has great potentialities - but I want to make it quite clear that the National Trust have not definitely accepted it yet.


1. The National Trust eventually accepted the house, with an endowment of £4,000, in a letter dated 15th November 1944. By that time it had been agreed that the house would be let to VW's cousin Sir Ralph Wedgwood. See also VWL1923.

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RCT 16.204

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MS Mus. 1714/1/15, ff.189-192
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The letter is in AVW's hand, signed by VW.

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