Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

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Dec 23 [1944]


Dear Gerald

I really can't settle that part - after all quâ audience I shall be the least important part there.1 
- If you really want to do something by me wd suggest - not the Tallis - it really wants a big string orchestra - requiring as it does 4 soloists & 9 2nd orchestra that is 13 players before you start on the full orchestra - I wd suggest Charterhouse Suite or Dives (this requires I admit at least 4 cellos & 4 violas - but I have a specially cued in set for 3 of each which I cd lend you - & also the harp part could be played on the pfte (this in your ear, because I do not want it to become a habit).
As regards leader, Sybil2 was playing beautifully a few months ago - but of course she is not an experienced orchestral leader - though she of course has the right spirit.  - If you do not have her how about Vera KANTROVITCH*  58 Church Road Worcester Park Surrey Derwent 3242 - she is a fine player & an experienced leader both of professional (K Riddicks orchestra) & amateur (Surrey string players) orchestras.  - I do not know what fee you can pay - we give our leader at Dorking £5-5-0 + expenses - but this is more or less a minimum - as they can get back to London for an evening engagement if they wish. I don't know Harold Fairhurst.3
My love to Joyce


*she is a dear person

1. The letter is presumably about plans for a concert by Finzi's Newbury String Players.
2. Sybil Eaton, violinist.
3. Kathleen Riddick.
4. Fairhurst was a violinist.

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