Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Elizabeth Maconchy

Letter No.: 
Jan 22 [1950]

The White Gates,

Dearest Betty

That is good news – Now keep me posted about all rehearsals & the performance – I don’t think it will clash with our festival.1
Could not Lengnick arrange for you to play it through to a select audience before hand & give a talk about it? 
I’m so glad you like Ursula’s poem about the Epstein2
All love & to Billy, Anna and ? I forget the Nicola 
Uncle Ralph

1. Probably Maconchy's Symphony no.2, dedicated to VW, which was to be performed at the Contemporary Music Society concert with the BBC orchestra in April 1950.
2. Presumably Spoken to a bronze head.


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Date from reference to Epstein; Epstein’s bust of VW was made in 1949 - see R.V.W.: a biography, p.287-8.

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