Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Hubert Foss

Letter No.: 
15th March, l950.

The White Gates,
Dorking, Surrey.

Dear Hubert

I hope you already know what affection and admiration your friends have for you and your work. Now some of us want to show it in a practical way:
We understand that you are feeling overworked and in need of a rest to enable you to have that quiet leisure to help you to concentrate on this new book which we hope and believe you are planning.  Therefore we ask you to become our guest at some quiet and sympathetic place where you will have the necessary surroundings for your work.
We hope to be able to make arrangements by which you will become our guest at Buckfast Abbey for a month or six weeks directly after Easter.  I do hope you will see your way to accept an invitation which will give great pleasure to your friends.  You will later receive a formal letter from them.  Meanwhile you may like to know a few of their names:
Arnold Bax.   Stanley Roper
Patrick Hadley.  Edward Dent.
Gordon Jacob.   J.M. Martin,

and others.
I need hardly add that I also wish to be associated with this invitation.


Hubert Foss, Esq.,
60, Corringham Road,  N.W.11.


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This letter was the result of a campaign started by J McKay Martin to raise funds amongst Foss’s friends  to enable him to spend a period at Buckfast Abbey. See VWL3054 and further correspondence (VWL1979, VWL1980).

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