Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to James McKay Martin

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22nd March, 1950

The White Gates,
Dorking, Surrey.

Dear Martin

It seems to me that we can go ahead now, though it is not, to my mind, quite satisfactory, because I fear that this guest house will be not much more than an ordinary boarding house.
I wonder if he will have a quiet room in which he can work, or whether they will allow him to go up to the monastery to use their library &c. I think we might find out about this and also to suggest that if they could take him into the Monastery at the first possible opportunity it would be a good plan.1
We can afford six weeks, but the question is whether we had better try only for a month first and see how we get on. I would suggest, when we do settle, sending the money in advance. Of course there will be the question of fares and so on and coupons. Will you have time to see to all that and really pack him off safely?
I do not think, as they are so anxious to take him and there seems no objection the other end, that we need have a doctor's opinion. What do you think?
Perhaps you could kindly some time send me the names and full initials of all the participants? Then I will get a proper letter typed out with all the names typed underneath and spaces in between for the actual signatures. I do not think it need be a long letter, and will you trust me to do it on my own?

R. Vaughan Williams

J. McKay Martin, Esq.,
21 Norland Sq. Mansions, W.11

1. Martin was arranging, with the support of VW and others, for Hubert Foss to have some time to rest  and to work on his book at Buckfast Abbey as he was suffering from stress. See VWL1981.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/26, f. 157
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Typewritten, signed.

Cobbe 536
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