Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ralph Wedgwood

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[About 1st August 1906 ]

O my dear Randolph

I am so glad - I've thought so much lately about your lonely life - & cdnt bear to think of it - I knew this was what you wanted - of course everyone does - but you especially. You have everything to make a wife happy for ever & ever - and you have everything in you which cries out for it - I noticed this especially in you last time but I didn’t know it had taken such a definite shape.1
How bad of you to put me off the scent - talking about thin ice - when you were fully intending to tumble all the time!
Of course we shall like your heroine 1st off - any one who is in love with you & with whom you are in love - what more?
& now I must say - though you won’t like my doing so - that I consider that the woman who has won you - well there I can’t say what I mean but you know - and you can read between the lines - because I’m not saying anything I want to - and I’m boring you fearfully with this long screed - you call Adeline and me your best friends - and I can’t say what it means to me to have you say that - and I am exercising a best friend’s privilege to the full.
I do want to see her so - & I hear much about her - I’m glad she’s so young - only sorry she’s not 17 - I hope you’ll be married at once - I know you’ll be happy with a young wife.
By the way Mrs Urquhart takes a most tender interest in you & asked me the other day if you were engaged! - when I said ‘no’ she immediately began making plans for you & I believe has even gone so far as to ask over the mother of "Lily" (photograph on the mantelpiece) to hold pour-parler with me - I’m afraid it will be a queer show then if she ever hears - and she’s not strong.
I would venture to send a message to Iris (may I call her so?) if I dared so if I may you can invent one from me - you will do it so much better than I shall!
Goodbye happy dear Randolph
Bless you
This is quite illegible but my hand shakes from excitement.

1. Wedgwood had become engaged to Iris Pawson; they married later in the year on 24 October.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/3, ff. 13-17
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This letter must have been written shortly before 3 August; see VWL207.

Cobbe 40; Kennedy, Works of Vaughan Williams, p.397-398.
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