Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Ralph Wedgwood

Letter No.: 
September 11 [1906]

Dearest Randolph

Your letter of the 5th came to me this morning at Abingdon - We are on our way to London by river & Ralph’s mother is with us.
It would be lovely to come & see you but this week is not much good & next week we go to Leith Hill to see something of the Great Hervey.1   Later on if you have a clear evening do telegraph to us for the chance of our being free - & of course everything else goes to the winds if you can only have us soon and not later.  I am suffering from a second excitement for my darlin[g] brother is just engaged to Cecilia Cornish - he has known her a fortnight & we all think he could not have done better - But he will have to wait longer than you & is as ill fitted for it - 2
I am glad to hear Felix is in England - you will like to have him better than anyone.  Ralph sends his love.  He has been asked to send his photograph to 2 papers so you see he is getting on.
Yr very affte


I hear that November is the most perfect time for Spain.3

1. VW’s elder brother, Hervey.
2. AVW’s brother William. Wedgwood too was to be married in October.
3. Wedgwood planned to have his honeymoon in Spain.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/3, ff.56-58
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