Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

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[27th September 1946]

Dear Gerald

I'm sorry about the music - I will return it. (I think Miss Cullen1 has the Purcell.)
Quite at yr leisure I shd like the Parry which I sent by mistake.
As regards yr choice of music
Why not do King Arthur (Novello's shortened version - which leaves out a lot of good things but makes it of reasonable length). When we did it Fanny Farrer wrote a splendid connecting story (embodying a good deal of Dryden) which Steuart2 declaimed with great effect. (I think I could get a copy for you.) Otherwise I suppose you could not bea[t]
(A) Meistersinger selection (Curwen)
(B) Phaudrig Crohoore (Boosey)3
The choirs love them.
I suppose you are beyond Orpheus Act II4 & “Spring”5  - By the way we once did Autumn & Winter - lovely - & great fun when the sportsmans gun goes off & the young woman sings what is supposed to be an improper ballad with punctuations by the choirs of Ha! ha! ha!
My love to Joyce



1.  Margery Cullen, conductor of various choirs in the Leith Hill Musical Festival at various times but mainly Mickleham. See And Choirs Singing: An account of the Leith Hill Musical Festival 1905-1985, Leith Hill 1985.
2.  Steuart Wilson, the tenor.
3.  By Stanford.
4. By Gluck.
5.  From Haydn's Seasons.
6.  The remainder of the letter is not extant.

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