Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Joanna Hadley

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Oct 18th [1906]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Mrs Hadley

Pilgrims Progress Music
(1) Opening dance
- enclosed
The music may be repeated as often as required by the dance
(2) Flower Girls song
I have chosen for this “’Tis young men and maidens all” from English Country songs (Cramer & Co)  page 58.  I want only the following verses sung 1,2,3,4,5.
or less if that is too much
(3) Men’s quartett
- I have not been able to find a suitable arrangement of “Down among the dead men” - but I hope to in a day or two.
(4) Strolling musicians song
- enclosed -
I want this scene in the following order

 To open with the mens 4tett  - then cries of “a song a song” - then some dialogue as the following might follow
 Musician “What shall I sing you”
 A man “sing as us a song about Robin Hood”
 The crowd “yes a song about Robin Hood”
 Then follows the musicians song - as this is a very long ballad - I have only written out a few verses - and when he gets to the end of these - I thought he could be interrupted by the entrance of the prisoners etc
(5) Arming of Faithful.
I enclose the tune for “He who wd valiant be”
- perhaps you cd get someone to make some more copies according to the number of singers - only a few singers will be wanted - perhaps just a quartett.  The music is from the `English Hymnal’ published by Froude1
(6) Shepherds song - enclosed
All the songs are to be sung without accompaniment - the accompaniments I have put are only to help the singers when practising
Will you kindly distribute the music to the performers & when they have learnt it we will have a rehearsal  - but it’s no good having one too early - as they wd only forget it again.
Will you also give me a date by which you want the music for the tableaux?
Yrs very truly

R. Vaughan Williams

1.  i.e. Oxford University Press - Henry Froude was printer to the University. The English Hymnal had been published earlier in the same year.

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