Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ralph Wedgwood

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[26th August 1909]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Randolph

The cheese is delicious we had it for lunch on our return from Leith Hill Place and we feel absolutely crammed with proteids.1 We had Iris's letter today2 - I do hope you've been having a good holiday - your post card was a work of art of the 1st order.  I am writing this to Barlaston3 - I've just been visiting my home and I sympathize - I saw Maurice4 for a few minutes in London.  He was to have come to Leith Hill Place while we were there - but he went off into the wilds in a motor instead.
When do you go back home - write and tell us “all about yourselves” - Do you see that Hadow has been made boss of Armstrong College?5
We are sending the other cheese on to C# as per your esteemed order.6 Adeline will be writing to Iris soon & meanwhile sends her love.
Yrs affectionately

R. Vaughan Williams

R. L. Wedgwood E
Barlaston on Sea

1. sic
2. Iris Wedgwood, wife of Ralph Wedgwood.
3. Barlaston Lea, Stoke-on-Trent, the Wedgwood family home.
4. Maurice Amos
5. Henry Hadow, writer on music and educational administrator, was appointed to Armstrong College in 1909. He was later Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University. Armstrong College at Newcastle-on-Tyne was a division of Durham University, later becoming a university in its own right.
6. Presumably Cecil Sharp.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/3, ff. 34-36
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