Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ralph Wedgwood

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[September 1897]

c/o F Maitland Esq
The Horsepools

Dear Randolph

I have to ask you two questions.
The first is that apparently when a man is married he has to have trustees. Why I don't know - at all events in this case you would be only one of three and have little or nothing to do. If I thought it would give you the slightest trouble I would not suggest it to you and as it is you know that it is the sort of thing you can quite refuse to do if you don't want to only I had to ask someone - so I thought I would ask you - because I know you will refuse if you don't care about it - Please answer this at once - remember I would not exploit my friends for the world - but this will I really believe do you no harm.
Secondly I should like you to come and see us married if you possibly can manage it and although we are not going to have anything of the ordinary things - no cake, no music, no bridesmaids, no honey moon, no favours, no sermon, no guests and no breakfast - yet I am informed that the ceremony is not legal without the presence of the best man - this obviously refers to you.1 There will be no show or flare up of any kind so you really would not mind - you will probably be the only non-brother -sister or nurse there, unless possibly Amos comes too.
 I will be at Brighton in October and the reason I am writing so early is because we want you to settle the day, this is a broad way of putting it - But the truth is we must have a day which is possible for you - Could you come on Friday Oct 8th[?] If that is not possible would Thurs: 7th or failing that Monday 11th, or even Tuesday 12th. Please answer this as our respective mothers want things settled.
It would be so splendid of you to do this - as I should like to ensure your being there - the duties are very light or non-existent.
Yours affectntely

Ralph Vaughan Williams

P.S. Answer to St Barnaby's2

1. In the event they certainly had bridesmaids, Fredegond and Ermengard Maitland - see VWL255.
2. VW had an address at St Barnabas Villas, South Lambeth, near the St Barnabas Church where he was organist.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/1, ff.89-92
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Sent from the home of F. W. Maitland, husband of VW’s prospective sister-in-law, Florence.

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