Letter from Ernest Irving to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
27th September, 1949.


R. Vaughan Williams Esq., O.M. Mus.Doc.
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

I have received from Ivor Montagu the “prize” you won at Marianske Lazne. It seems harmless enough, being just a little diploma which spells your name Williamsovi.
There being no British representative present, it was accepted on your behalf by the correspondent of the “Daily Worker”. As you are, of all men, indubitably a daily worker, I suppose you won’t mind this.
For your information the words in inverted commas on the Diploma represent the motto of the festival “For a New Man, For a Better Humanity”; and in the list of awards published the citation stands as No.7 “the prize for Film Music is awarded to the British Composer Vaughan Williams for his score of the film “SCOTT OF THE ANTARCTIC” a score which truthfully interprets the heroic and tragic themes of the film”.Walter Huston
This is the only musical award, the others included a Peace Prize for a Soviet American Peace film, a sport’s festival, acting (Walter Huston), camera work (Mexican) and Danish, French, Belgian, and Norwegian awards for scripts and production.
I have received about a hundred press notices of the award. They are all on the same lines as this one from the Manchester Guardian.
Last night I heard Menuhin and Kentner play Willie Walton’s new sonata; a very nice work which I think you will like when you hear it.
I hope you are fit and well and full of notes.
Yours ever


P.S. The Scott film itself was very well received by the audience, which is stated to have cheered for some minutes.

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