Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Marion Scott

Letter No.: 
Wednesday [March 1927?]

13 Cheyne Walk S.W.3

Dear Miss Scott
We spent some time with Ivor Gurney on Monday
There was no doubt that the state of his mind was worse than when we last saw him - the idea that he has written everything & composed everything persisted throughout our visit & his thoughts were often very confused. But there were moments of real concentration & he spoke of real grievances i.e. that the best music comes on too late on the wireless & he has to miss it. He also spoke of his loneliness "No-one comes to see me" & when I praise his cutting out he said "I have nothing else to do".
I did not think him looking very well - certainly older - but his colour was better & his hair looked healthier.
Ralph & I agree that Xtian science if it has done anything has worsened his mental state - we do not see the use of continuing the treatment if you consider that it has been given a fair trial. Certainly he gets no help at all for his mind from his surroundings - How I longed to take him away.
He was as gentle as usual.
Yours very sincerely
Adeline Vaughan Williams

He said he had not seen the Beethoven number of "Munich Letters" with his poem - is this so?

1. The VWs had visited Ivor Gurney who was in a psychiatric hospital.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/25, ff.102-104
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Date assumed to be some weeks after VWL3252.