Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Marion Scott

Letter No.: 
Tuesday [8 Feb 1927]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Miss Scott
We are so grateful to you for your letter - putting your interview with Dr C so clearly & fully.
It is disappointing that he has not any new suggestion - Do you think that it would be a good plan to visit Virginia Water again in order to see what the new Superintendent is like? It is such an advantage to have I.G. near London if possible.1
Meanwhile we have been talking to a sister in law and she thinks that her brother who is a Xtian science Practitioner might be of use to Ivor. She consulted with a lady who has a wide experience and to my sister in law's surprise she mentioned her brother & one other as being the best practitioners she could think of for such a case.
This Mr Lidderdale is very much interested in art & cares for music & his sister suggests that if you approve that he should visit Ivor on one of the usual visiting days as a friend and that if he found they were likely to get on & felt that he could help him he would see Dr Robinson and ask for permission to treat Ivor.
Tell me what you think - This has only gone as fas as between my husband & me & his sister in law.
It is deplorable that the hospital sd not take the trouble to see that Ivor gets fresh air & proper nourishment.
My opinion of the cooking for the Infirmary is favourable for one day we were there we met the trolleys coming away & I had a good look - boiled chickens masked with well made white sauce & great milk puddings & sieved gooseberries & other things all looking very appetising. But it was the end of a meal and far too much was being taken back!
I still feel that a change is the right thing - if we can do it without too much risk -
I expect we sd never be able to take Ivor back to Dartford once gone but if he is getting worse there I don't see there is anything to mind in that - There must be a wider choice as time goes on
Yrs very sincerely
Adeline Vaughan Williams

1. The VWs were concerned for the welfare of the composer Ivor Gurney, who was in a psychiatric hospital in Dartford for many years.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/25, ff.115-120