Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Alan Frank (OUP)

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[29 June 1956]

I feel that Aeroplanes are essentially organ music. Would you like to get some knowledgeable organist to make a simplified version? But only as an alternative.1
You may remember that an orchestral version of Bridal Day2 is promised on the title page as being “in preparation”. It is not. What are we to do?


1. It had apparently been suggested that the organ part of A Vision of Aeroplanes (Catalogue of Works 1956/1) was too difficult for some organists and that a simplified version might be made available. Frank replied that he did not see much purpose in this.
2. Catalogue of Works 1938/6, published in 1956 by Oxford University Press. The accompaniment is for a small group of instruments. Frank replied that he felt any action on this could be left until the need arose.


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