Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Roy Douglas

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May 16th 1956.

10, Hanover Terrace, N.W.1.

Dear Roy,
I fear you will curse me by all your gods, but I want one more slight alteration in the symph. Page 40, figure 17. The horns and trumpets and side drum obscure the tune, so I suggest pp. on the second beat of the bar at 17, crescendo on the third bar, f on the second beat of the fifth bar in horns, trumpets and sd. the rest of course will remain f. See enclosed slip.
Do you think you could get in touch with the Halle librarian and get him to mark the parts, and also, if he can get at it, to mark the score? This is, I think, really all, now. (till next time.)


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Add MS 63547, f.99
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Typewritten. The words ‘I think’ and ‘(till next time)’ are typed in red, almost certainly by Ursula.

Douglas, Working with Vaughan Williams, p.88
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