Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to William Rothenstein

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Northern Lights

Dear Rothenstein1

Very many thanks for your kind letter. My plans are so vague that I don't like to make any promises to be at any particular place at a particular time.
All I can suggest is that when you happen to be in London you should let me know of any times that are convenient to you - But I quite see that that would be a most awkward arrangement for you & know you wd prefer to drop it altogether.2
Yrs sincerely

R Vaughan Williams

1. Rothenstein was Principal of the Royal College of Art from 1920-1935. At this time he was Professor of Civic Art at Sheffield University, to which post he was appointed by VW's brother-in-law Herbert Fisher, the university's Vice-Chancellor.
2. Rothenstein had been commissioned to make a drawing of VW for publication in the second issue of Music & Letters. The first issue had contained a drawing by Rothenstein of Elga


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BMS ENG 1148 (1552)

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MS Mus.1714/1/5, f.163
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AVW had taken rooms in Sheringham for the benefit of her brother Hervey's health and the VWs spent much time there until Hervey's death in May 1921. See R.V.W.: a biography, p.133.

Cobbe 118; R.V.W.: a biography of Ralph Vaughan Williams, p.134.
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