Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to ? Cecil Sharp

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27 Nov 1906

(Folk Song Society 1903-6) 

Telegram, date-stamped Cockfosters NO 27 06
Handed in at Chelsea at 11.54, received 12.36
Reply Paid Sharp Lindfarne? New Barnet

I keep your first amendment. in your second I add english between genuine and folksongs and add and that the discoveries embodied in the F.S.J. have been ignored this is the more unfortunate since many of the songs are eminently fitted for School use and are popular with children  I also delete from taste to the end.




1)  That the words “National and” (p 5, l. 5) be omitted.

2) That the second sentence of p. 5 beginning “This scheme etc.” be deleted, and the following words inserted in its stead:– –
It should, however, be observed that the lists of songs printed in the Appendix to the Suggestions include but few genuine English folk-songs; and, further, that the Board have failed to draw a just distinction between the “National” and the “Folk” song.  A resolution, embodying these criticisms, has already been forwarded to the Educational Authorities by the Council.  If the Board of Education will accept and act upon the Council’s suggestions, their scheme should then become a powerful means towards cultivating a healthy musical taste, [and will certainly claim the support of all who believe in the enormous influence exercised by Folk Music upon the composers of all nations.]


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