Letter from Peter and Ilse to Alan Bush

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Sunday, 17/1/37.

Dear Alan, Yesterday I received a letter from Mrs. P.  She writes:
"Die Karte, die ich sofort nach rhalt Ihres lieben Briefes schrieb, habe Sir hoffentlich erhalten.  Sie konnen sich ja vorstellen, in welche freudige Erregung er mich versetzt hat, wenn man auch gelernt hat, immer zaghaft zu bleiben!  Es ist einfach alles märchenhaft!  Also ich erhalte soeben sehr erfreuten Bescheid meines Rechtsbeistandes, dass ich schleunigst um die angebotenen Erklärungen und Garantien mit allen nur möglichen Formalitäten (Beglaubigung) bitten soll, dann wurde sicher die schon seit einiger Zeit sich im Gange befindende Angelegenheit erledigt werden können.  Hoffentlich, hoffentlich geht nun alles glatt."

I think you will understand this.  It looks hopeful, doesn't it?

I am so pleased that G. will be prepared to give anoher 25 £ a year for 2 years.  This brings it up to 100 £ a year.  If we suppose that 2 £ a month will be needed for the fees (as we thought it would), and if his mother would send the 10 Mark = 16/- s. a month, permitted by German law, (as she certainly would do), then he would have just 7 £ a month for his living, a sum which Peter and I consider sufficient.  This means that we need not ask anybody else for support.  This simplifies and accelerates the matter.

You ask for more details about Dr. P.  I know that he matriculated in 1926 in a uniquely famous, very modern shool (Wickersdorf), that he went to Berlin and Freiburg Universities to study general history and musical science, that he took his degree (Dr. phil.; same as Peter) for musical science in Freiburg in Baden (his professor was Prof. Dr. Gurlitt) in July, 1930, and that he went to Essen (Rheinland) after that. and did some sort of work connected with music and dancing.  From the end of 1927 Peter and I were not in direct touch with him, only some friends of ours were, so that occasionally we heard of him.  Only after I learned that he had been imprisoned I started to write to his mother whom I had always liked very much; this was early in 1934.  Since that date, I have been in constant communication with her.  I know that Dr. P. was a good violinist and tenor, and that he was a Left-winger from his 13th year.  I hope this will be all the information you and V.W. will want.  If you would like any more details, will you please let me know.

Mrs. P's postcard in which she first affirmed the news of our proposals was very thankful and appreciative.

Best greetings to you and Nancy, yours,

I shall send G.P's book to you to-morrow morning.
My "Prosperity song" is finished; to who shall I send it for copying?

Mrs Pinthus
Nordhausen am Hau
Rantenst. 48

1.  Written by Peter.


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