Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gilbert Murray

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13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Professor Murray

I am getting on slowly with some Greek Play music - I have done two Electra choruses & am finishing two Bacchae choruses and have notes for several more. I have had several interviews with the Duncans - but no one seems to know what is wanted exactly - I wish I did. The problem gets more insoluble the more I work on it. I tried setting them in the way I suggested to you - a sort of chant without any accompaniment - but it did not seem to work altogether - I have tried other parts in a more operatic method - the result is rather a mixture - the only way I think will be a sort of trial performance of some of the music when it is ready. I can’t hope to satisfy you & Miss Duncan and Augustine (who wants the choruses spoken!).
I want to ask you a lot about the Bacchae choruses - whether all the big choruses should be sung throughout - or whether part spoken & what bits shd be murmured & what parts declaimed.
Are you ever in London - cd we meet - if not cd I come & see you in Oxford one day[?]
Yours very truly

R. Vaughan Williams

1. Isadora Duncan and her brother, Augustin. See Duncan Wilson, Gilbert Murray OM (Oxford 1987), p.170 where part of this letter is quoted.

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MS Gilbert Murray 19, f. 43-44
Cobbe 74
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