Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Edward J. Dent

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May 30th [1912]

7 Phene  St
(temporary address)

Dear Dent

No I've heard nothing from Gray1 - I didn't even know for certain if my thing was going to be done - I shd love to come and hear the conc: and give Gray a good send off. If you really have room I shd be delighted to accept your hospitality - but if you afterwards find you want to give the room to some other guest - I will then ask Gibbs2 to put me up - as kindly told me once to ask him to when occasion offered.
By the way I see that the Cambridge Univ: Press announces a book on Morris Dance and Folk-song by Mary Neal & Kidson.3 Kidson knows a good deal about folksong from several points of view. But Miss Neal - as far as I know - & judging from her books knows nothing in a thorough and scientific way about her part in the matter (though I believe she is very good at girls' clubs) - and I presume this book intends to be scientific and thorough.


1. Alan Gray: Conductor of the Cambridge University Musical Society until 1912.
2. Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, who was a pupil of VW.
3. Frank Kidson English Folk-song and Dance, Cambridge 1915

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Dent Archive undated
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Date in AVW's hand, year based on assumption that reference to "a good send off" for Gray refers to him giving up conducting Cambridge University Musical Society in 1912.

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