Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Grace Williams

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The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

My Darling Grace
No I hadn't seen - I don't pretend I'm not delighted that your work shd be recognised, never mind in what company.
Also you must remember that though the Prize winner is usually no good because it has to be what nobody likes (I mean of the judges, A likes Smith's work & hates Jones' & B likes Jones' & hates Smith's etc. & so they have finally to decide on Robinson which they neither of them like & A grudgingly concedes an honourable mention to Jones & vice versa) so an hon: mention is sometimes worth having.
& rightly C.S.1  has got a gift of his own though personally I like very little of his music - you will find that on the continent he is the English composer who is thought worth mentioning. I am so glad you had a good Reunion in Vienna (have you see it by the way? - very good) I heard of you from Fr ....
Come & see me soon
Love from Uncle Ralph

1. Probably Cyril Scott
2. Reunion in Vienna was a film released in 1933. Presumably VW is referring to Williams' time spent studying in Vienna.

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Year from reference to the film "Reunion in Vienna" which came out in 1933.