Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Grace Williams

Letter No.: 
Nov 2 [1940s]


Dearest Grace
Welcome home to London.
I shd love to come & see you one day when & if possible - but I hardly ever go to London now - & when I do go I rush up to a ctee meeting and back again
But we might meet in Central London & have a meal.
I now belong to a one horse club called the M.M. Club1 we might meet there
As regards Betty2 I don't know what to do - she's known at the BBC & to H.J.W.3 & has a publisher to push her.
- I think we must recognize that her kind of music does not make a sensation like say Britten - she is Wordsworth to his Byron & therefore cannot expect to take the world by storm but be deeply loved by a few.
But if there is anything you think I could do, do suggest it - I'm not very good at pushing, as you know
all my love
Uncle Ralph

1, The M.M. (Mainly Musicians) Club was founded by the cellist May Mukle. It was a converted basement near Oxford Circus underground station, and provided a meeting place and air-raid shelter for musicians during the early years of the war.
2. Elizabeth Maconchy
3. Henry Wood, the conductor of the Promenade Concerts.


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Written during the early years of the war, possibly when Williams returned from evacuation with her school pupils to Lincolnshire.